The Jensen FF. Ferguson Formula four-wheel drive with a constant 63% rear / 37% front power distribution. The first production prototype was as a CV8-FF in 1965. This was displayed at the 1965 Earls Court Motor Show along with the Jensen P66 - the model replaced by the Interceptor MKI in 1966.

The first production car with four-wheel drive, 15 years before the Audi Quattro. The compliment was paid to both Jensen and Harry Ferguson with an FF being on display at the Audi Centenary celebrations in 2009.

The first production car to use Dunlops Maxaret Anti-Lock braking.

Winner of the Don Safety Award in 1967.

Car Magazine's Car of the Year for 1967.

Sports Illustrated quoted it at the time as "The Safest Car in the World".